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Great Health comes from Exercise & Nutrition

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Brand: Sheer MADness
In stock

Great Health? Fat to Fit? How do I plan my diet? What is a healthy diet? What are healthy foods? What to eat to gain weight? What to eat for weight loss? What to eat for fat loss? Does drinking herbal tea help in weight loss? What is a balanced diet? Should I buy a Keto diet plan? What shakes help with weight loss? Is whey protein good? Is creatine good? How is food responsible for fatigue? How much protein do I take? How do I plan my diet?

The list of questions goes on and on.

The misconception, lack of knowledge, or lack of proper education/ guidance at an early age is the reason behind all these questions.

I guess things will be easy to understand if we can figure out the reasons behind it, there’s a lot to figure out because many things have to be considered like genetics, body type, sex, age, etc., it's not – "One suit fits all" thing, but it's very easy for individuals to figure out once they understand the basic concept, and how food interacts with the human system.

This will be no longer a challenge, as I will beautifully explain the key to nutrition through food and the importance of exercise and then beautifully amalgamate both these factors from my own experience of transformation "from an unhealthy & overweight being to a lively, positive and a fit person that transpired me to become better and productive." Through this book, I have tried to answer questions linked to various Myths associated with health and nutrition from my experience as a Chef for over twenty-five years and as a marathon runner and fitness guide for over seven years and counting. I have even explained how to plan your diet and exercise regime and not depend on anyone to kick-start your fitness journey.


  • Binding: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9789394551022
  • Edition: FIRST, 2022
  • Pages: 98

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